“How can I?” (10.10.2020)

There are no accidents, Patricia Bokowski.
If it’s appeared on your life’s radar, this is why: to teach you that dreams come true; to reveal that you have the power to fix what’s broken and heal what hurts; to catapult you beyond seeing with just your physical senses; and to lift the veils that have kept you from seeing that you’re already the person you dreamed you’d become. 
And believe me, that was one heck of a dream. 
Tallyho,   The Universe /
“How can I?” / www.tut.com

Patricia D. Bokowski – CEO & Founder – NineFrogs

“Stop asking people who have never been where you are going for directions.” – NineFrogs


And, in honor of that.

I wanted to write a blog on staying positive.

In a (somewhat) negative world.

Which is kind of how things are feeling these days.

I know it’s not easy.

And I know.

Some people are not handling it as well as others.

My best best advice.

Block any AND all negativity coming into your life.

Turn off the news.





Anything that disturbs your vibe.

I do that everyday! 👈👈👈

That’s right.

You got this.

That’s how you get the ‘glow’!

You learn to tune it out.

ALL of it.

And find a new lane.

A lane that says, “All systems a go from here on out!”

That’s how you get to where you want to be.👈👈👈

Making a positive decision you are going to do something.

And then actually doing it.

Not making excuses of why you can’t do it.

Like, there’s a pandemic.

Or, not a good time right now.

Listen, if you really think about it.

There’s never a good time to do anything.

You just do it!

“Good things come to those who believe,

better things come to those who are patient

and the BEST things come to those who don’t give up!” – The Frog’s Den

The magic of new beginnings.

Even in the midst of darkness.

Beautiful things can happen.

Never lose hope.

If you look back in history.

Many beautiful things came out in the worst of times.

I don’t know about anyone else.

But my business is doing better now than ever.

I’m also happier than I’ve ever been.

Beautiful things happening all around.

You just have to see.

And not just with your eyes.

Or, said another way.

What are you made of?

I’ve learned over the last six months that I am a whole lot stronger than I ever thought.

I’ve also learned to stick up for myself more than I ever before.👈👈👈

I guess that’s what happens when you work through a pandemic.

With a take no prisoners kind of attitude!

How many people agree with that?

I know I would.👈👈👈

There is a quote from George Burns: “I would rather fail at what I love then succeed at what I hate.”

I worked at Cablevision for over twenty years.

And it wasn’t until I started my business eight years that I found my true calling.

I also knew inside, that there was ALWAYS something bigger I was supposed to be doing.

That’s the thing.

When you have that inside you, you owe it not only to yourself.

But the world, to follow that passion.http://www.ninefrogs.com

I talk about happiness a lot in my blogs (just like smiling).

I talk about it a lot because I still see so many unhappy faces.

Next time you go to 7-11,.

Hang around the coffee station.

And notice at all the unhappy faces (hopefully one of them is not yours 😉

People look at life all wrong.

Which is partly what makes them so miserable.

Hopefully you are not one of those people.👈👈👈

And if you are, start following me on TikTok & YouTube, guaranteed to inspire you!


That’s one of the key things to living a positive life.

And that’s showing up, as best you can, every day!

Doing your best.

Looking your best.

Giving your best.

Being your BEST!

Life is not a dress rehearsal.

It’s the real deal.

So if you aren’t busy dying, GET BUSY LIVING👉👉👉

That’s when you know you’re doing it right!👆👆👆

Living life to the fullest.

Doing what you love, with the people you love.

Surrounding yourself with people and things (not too many) that make life great!

At the end of day, you can say to yourself, “I did my best.”

And tomorrow, I will do every better!

“I could give up shopping, but I’m not a quitter.” – NineFrogs

Here’s the thing that everyone needs to understand.

It’s baby steps.

You don’t bite off everything at once.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Remember that.

It’s slow and steady progress over a long period of time.

That’s how you build your empire.

Making all the right choices.

Remember that!

Speaking of a slow process.

I wrote a book!

Titled: “How One Landscaping Bill Changed Everything!”

Available now on Amazon!

Click the link to purchase today: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BMSP3LTJ

I cannot wait for you guys to read it!

Lastly, make sure you follow me on TikTok & YouTube – The Frog’s Den – Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and follow me on TikTok!

That’s a wrap!

Talk soon,

Patricia <3 always

NineFrogs ~ People will stare. Make it worth their while!

“How can I?”


1027 St. Johnland Road, Kings Park, NY 11754


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