Patricia D. Bokowski – CEO & Founder – NineFrogs

I just published my first book:

“How One Landscaping Bill Changed Everything!” – A Whistleblower’s Tale of lies, deceit and betrayal!

Available now on Amazon in paperback and kindle version.

Click the link to purchase your copy today:

I cannot wait for you guys to read it!

I recently opened a shop on Amazon!

I find a lot of my clients are still reluctant to go out shopping these days.

So, I’m bringing my favorite shopping finds right to you.

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Full disclosure, I do make a commission on every sale through that link.

New items added daily.

Thanks for shopping!

Who am I?

Former Cablevision Corporate Employee turned Entrepreneur.

I started my business in August of 2012 and never looked back.

After 26 years working for someone else.

I decided it was time to work for myself.

And share my gifts with the world!


I always knew.

Working all those years in the corporate world.

That I was meant for something much bigger.

At the time though.

I had no idea what that was?

And then one day.

It just came to me.

Open your own business.

And start helping people.

Whichever way you can.

Using ALL your gifts.

Because quite honestly.

I feel these are my gifts to share.

And all those years working in the Corporate World?

Was actually practice.

For what I was actually meant to do!

So, in 2012.

I started my own Image Consulting business.

Named it NineFrogs.

There is actually a very funny story behind that.

Anyway, I called it NineFrogs.

Nine – the money bags number in Feng Shui.

Frogs – lucky in Feng Shui.

Put the two together.


Patricia D. Bokowski – CEO & Founder – NineFrogs

So, aside from being a former corporate employee.

I’m also a Former Aviation Administrator.

That’s right.

My last nine years at Cablevision.

I worked in their Flight Department.

Which makes me a Fashionista with an Aviation background.

Told you working with me would change your life!

Patricia D. Bokowski – CEO & Founder – NineFrogs

When I’m not working.

You will most likely find me either at the gym or shopping.

Or, of course, getting my nails done!

Let’s talk today and see how I can help you.

Working with me WILL change your life!

Patricia <3

516-603-1479 TEXT ME or email me at