“What’s life like now?” (10.25.16)

Visualizing for Beginners…
For those who want convenient parking spaces, unexpected gifts, or chance encounters with cool people:
First, think. Second, let go.
Visualizing for the Illuminated…
For those who want a healing touch, world peace, or a new awesome successful thriving fabulous business:
First, think. Second, let go.
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Patricia D. Bokowski – CEO & Founder – NineFrogs

“You only look crazy until it works, then you’re a genius!” – NineFrogs

What’s life like now?

Why is it?

Growing up.

No one tells you.

That you can do anything.

You set your mind to.

And are willing.

To work your a** off for?

No, rarely do they tell you.

At least no one told me!

Go to college.

Or get a job.

Those were my options.

Go follow your passion.

Was most definitely NOT an option.

So hear me when I tell you.

You do have that option!

Let people hear your voice.

Make a f*cking difference.

Do good.

Help people.

Sh*t, help the world!

But, it’s certainly not easy either.

No. more like.

Pushing a huge rock uphill.

In a hurricane!

And you don’t have any rain gear.

So you keep slipping backwards.

On a daily basis.

Only you are determine AF.

So, you keep pushing.

Some days you push feet forward.

And some days you slip back give.

But everyday you keep pushing.

Like that!

Recently someone gave me some great advice.

They said,:

“when you start out to create this ‘thing’ of yours.”

You are literally creating beauty out of nothing.

Nothing short of ‘dirt.’

Wrap your head around that.

Which got me thinking.

Something you don’t hear.

Too many people talking about.


How can I get on with my life?


You were!

Think about our great-great-grandparents.

Do you think they had it easy?

I’m sure they didn’t.

They worked like a dog.

For everything they wanted.

And remember.

They didn’t cell phones.

Hell, many didn’t have electricity.

Or computers.

No Netflix.

Or Google.

No FaceBook.

No 60″ flatscreen.

They had NONE of that.

And yet.

They managed.

Many of them managed very well.


Because they knew.

They wanted better.

So the next time.

You find yourself saying you can’t do something.



And figure out a new way to do it.

There is ALWAYS a new way.

Get a fresh perspective.

Ask a good friend.

Google it.

YouTube it.


Go on TikTok.“How can I make it?” (6.20.2023)

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

What you want.

Is to put your spin on it!

Something to think about?


The possibilities are endless.

I can’t tell you how many people I speak with.

Who tell me the things they are going to do!

The business they are going to start.

That book they are going to write.

The new job they are going to get.

Sign up for a course they want to take.

The list is endless.

Here’s the thing.

And I write about it OFTEN👉👉👉

Because it’s so damn important!

You HAVE to start.✔✔✔

Because, in that magical place called “someday”, nothing happens ;-(

Trust me.

I know, it’s not easy.

Do it anyway!

Only, here’s the thing:

Stop talking.

Start doing.

The end!


That’s the answer.

YOU have to start.

That’s where the magic is.

In starting.

Once you start.

The adventure begins!

Are you ready?

Of course you are.

Just get over the fear.

And just do it.

What’s the worse that can happen.

You fail?

Failure is growth.

Remember that.


You are the pilot of your life!


So take your idea and go with it.

And, it’s ok if you make it up as you go along,

That’s what most of us are doing anyway.


Winging it one wink at a time!

Trust me.

None of us has THE blueprint to success.✈✈✈

We just make sure we show up everyday.

And give it out best shot👈👈👈

That’s where the magic lies.

The Universe rewards those they know are serious about this sh*t!

Stay consistent.



You’ll know you’re on the right track!

When, as Gary Vee says.

You’re in your flow.

What does that mean?

You’ll know it when you’re in it.


That’s you!

Ask any really successful person if their journey was easy?

And I have no doubt.

They will have along list of all the things that didn’t go their way.

A list of failures ;-(

It comes with the territory.

You need to be resilient in your quest to success.

Which you need.


When you have your own success story to share.

Your story will be the motivation to others.

To start THEIR journey.

That’s how it works!

Yes you will.☝☝☝

That’s their problem, not yours.

Remember, it’s your journey, not theirs.

And don’t let anyone guilt-trip you into thinking anything less.

What you need to do.

On a daily basis.

Is to take all the steps needed to get you where you want to be!

Build your own door.

Follow your path.👈👈👈

Create your own opportunities.

Call it whatever you want.

Just work on getting there.


Consistency is crucial.

Show up.

Do your best.

Even if it’s just a little.

I can’t tell you the struggles I’ve had to endure.

Over the years.

And yet.

Through each one.

I never stopped showing up.

Something to think about?

I’ve shared this in so many of my blogs.

When I first started my business in 2012.

I knew at some point I wanted to start a blog.

Now ask me if I knew “anything” about blogging? 


Social media?

Like, what was Twitter?

I remember how I literally wrote on a piece of paper.

At a class on social media.

“What’s twitter?”

I didn’t know anything about anything!

But, I knew I wanted to know how to do it.👈👈👈

So, I started taking classes at the local college on social media.

I used every resource I could to teach myself.

Anything and everything about social media.👈👈👈

And guess what?

I got good at it.

And guess what happened then?

Doors starting opening.

Opportunities presented themselves to me!

And quite honestly.

It’s just taken off from there over the years.

That’s what I’m talking about.

You never know where one thing can lead you to another.

It’s like The Universe has put you exactly where you needed to be.

That, is something to think about.

Which is why I keep saying.

Just keep knocking on doors.

Because, you are just never going to know.

Which one is your door(s).

Something to think about indeed!

Here’s a piece of advice. NineFrogs Daily QUOTE OF THE DAY:

I want you to remember.

As you start on your path.

And it’s this:

Give up on the notion that it has to be perfect.👈👈👈

I’m sure my first blogs were horrible.

And that’s ok.

I started, and that was the important thing.👈👈👈

Recently I read somewhere.

You have to do something 50 times to get to perfect.

Or, close to. 

Eight years later. 

And I still wouldn’t say my blogs are perfect.

I like to think they are a work in progress.

That’s kind of the attitude you have to have☝☝☝

Tough as nails!


With sheer grit and determination!

Because, trust me.

There will be plenty of people who will not support you.

And those people will most likely be your friends and family.

So, you need to have unwavering faith in yourself.

And that.

I am sorry to say.

Is the part of the journey where many get off.

Because it gets too hard.

You will also, most likely.

Lose some people along the way.

That’s part of the process as well.

As Tom Hanks has been quoted, “If it was easy, everyone would do it!”


Stop asking.

You know where you are going.

They don’t. 

They’ll just give you advice.

As to how they think YOU should do it.

Only, that’s their vision.

Not yours. “What if?” (2.18.2021)

Trust me.

I have learned that lesson.

The hard way. 

No more asking anyone.

WHERE I should take my business.

That’s not to say. 

I don’t ask for advice.

Every now and then.

But, at the end of the day. :

It’s up to me, and me only!

What’s life like now?

It’s HERE!

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I cannot wait for you guys to read it!

Patricia D. Bokowski – CEO & Founder – NineFrogs

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Interested in working with me?


Shoot me an email today – pattib@ninefrogs.com!

That’s a wrap!

Talk soon,

Patricia <3 always

NineFrogs ~ People will stare.  Make it worth their while!

“What’s life like now?”



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