“Want to give it a try?” (3.20.17)

Do you have any idea, Patricia Bokowski, of how many fans you have here in the unseen?

Students, far and wide? Admirers, near and far? Friends from other dimensions and other times?

Do you know what they talk about the most when your name comes up?

Besides your French toast?

Besides your saunter?

Besides your home here with the holiday lights you leave up year-round, the roaming wildebeests in the backyard, and the answering machine that says, “Off having the time of my life in the jungles of time and space…”?

Your belief in the goodness of others.

10,000 Kisses,

  The Universe / “Want to give it a try?” / www.tut.com

“You only look crazy until it works, then you’re a genius!” – NineFrogs

Want to give it a try?


I know you’re afraid to.

I know.

You’re afraid of that feeling.

The butterflies in your stomach.

Kind of feeling.

And what causes that you might ask?

Starting something certainly for one.


Starting someone new will do that.


I know.

It’s scary.


Listen, I’ve said this before.

Don’t close your eyes.

Open your mind!

Open your mind.

To new experiences.

New people.

New ways of thinking.

New ways of doing.

New ways of living.

New ways of being.

And when you do.

Watch your world change.

I promise you <3

So I have BIG news to share!

I recently opened a shop on Amazon.

As many of my clients are still reluctant to go out shopping.

I decided to bring my favorite fashion finds to everyone.

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Full disclosure, I make a commission.

New items added daily.

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My anthem these days?

“I got this!

Whatever it is!

I got it!”


Every day.

Is a new opportunity.

To start over.


None of us knows.

What the day is going to bring us.


My personal philosophy.

The MORE you put yourself out there.

You are giving.

The Universe so much more to work with!


Who doesn’t want that!


You have the right mindset.

To start again.

And again.

And again.


It’s a never ending cycle.


It’s a mindset.


A success mindset.

And every day is a new opportunity.

To reach your goals, and dreams.

Whatever it is you are going after.


Hopefully, you ARE going after something!


What’s the point?

Deciding you’re not going to stay where you are.

Is the catalyst for change!

See, I see this all the time.

People who got stuck in time.

People who never left.

When they should have left.

Years ago.

That’s the thing about life.

As I’ve said a gazillion times.

Life WILL knock you down.

Sometimes it’s a small rain shower.

Other times.

It’s a f*cking hurricane.

Whichever one it is.



Too many people stay stuck.

And drown.

And they don’t even realize it.

If they only would make a small effort.

They could change their lives.


I have found.

They don’t.


They stay stuck.

Please don’t let that be you!

You know what they say?

No Risk No Magic!

You know those people?

Wo live their lives so carefully.

That they never make mistakes.




They also don’t really live either.


They are so concerned of making a mistake.

Of living so cautiously.

So as not to rock the boat.

As the saying goes.

And they will be the FIRST.

To tell you how wrong.

You were for trying something new.

Things like:

‘I could have told you that wasn’t going to work.’


‘I don’t know why you even started that thing.”


These people don’t understand.

That’s where you find YOUR magic.

Trying the things that light you up.

That make you jump out of bed in the morning.

That when you get home from work.

It’s the first thing you want to get to.


That kind of magic!

That’s it!

Change starts in your mind.

First and foremost.

Change starts with your thoughts.

And how can you do that you ask?

Well, you could start with:

Reading my NineFrogs blogs (hint hint).

Subscribing to motivational podcasts, blogs, emails. etc.

Making yourself an Itunes mix-tape of tunes you love.

As for me.

I have a Beach Boys CD with their biggest hits.

And, I put that baby on anytime.

I’m feeling I need some motivation!

Works every time!

Just remember.

You have it in YOU.

Here’s the thing…

Do something every day.

No matter how big or small.

Towards your goal.

And keep doing that everyday.

And then sit back and watch.

As things start to change.

As your world starts to change.

And the more you keep doing those things.

The more your world will change.

It’s all IN you.

It’s all ON you.

It’s all WITH you.

Want to give it a try?

It’s HERE!

Titled:  “How One Landscaping Bill Changed Everything!”

Available now on Amazon in paperback and kindle.

Click the link to purchase your copy today: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BMSP3LTJ

I cannot wait for you guys to read it!

Patricia D. Bokowski – CEO & Founder – NineFrogs

Lastly, make sure you check out my shop on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/shop/ninefrogs

Interested in working with me?


Shoot me an email today – pattib@ninefrogs.com!

That’s a wrap!

Talk soon,

Patricia <3 always

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“Want to give it a try?”