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Isn’t it a hoot? Patricia Bokowski, of all the people in all the world who actually “get it,” few, if any, actually give it to themselves.
The trick? Baby steps. 
Give, just a little, today. Give credit, give praise, give goodies to yourself, and the Universe will give you even more. 
Tallyho,  The Universe / “Up next!”


Patricia Bokowski, selfishness is a virtue, unless you think it must come at the expense of others. And why would anyone think that? Oh yeah, that’s what all the people who don’t “get it” told you.

Patricia D. Bokowski – CEO & Founder – NineFrogs

“Stop asking people who have never been where you are going for directions.” – NineFrogs

Baby steps.

It’s all about the baby steps.

Taken every day.

Being consistent.

Planting seeds.


Watering them.

And, don’t worry.

About anyone else’s grass.

Just tend to yours.

That’s how your grow.

That’s how you make things happen.

It happens to the best of us.

Usually when we are doing.

Way more than we should.

We get burnt out.

Lose our focus.

Forget our why.

Lose who we are.

Yeah, like don’t.

So, don’t let that happen to you.

What do you think?

How would that make you feel?

Pretty amazing I’m sure!

Conquer all your doubts.

You know?

The ones that tell you.

It’s not going to work.

Now think?

What if I actually did those things?

And, in doing so.

Inspire those around me?

Seems to me.

These days.

We need more of that.

More people doing.

What sets their souls on fire.

And in doing so.

Helping those around them.

That’s what you call a win/win!

These days.

It seems

A lot of chatter going on out there.

In here.

Over there.

It’s everywhere.

Hard to get away from it.


To keep your spirits up.

Best to avoid.

All that negativity.


All that complaining.

It’s quite sad.

Literally drowning themselves in misery.

So, I ask you?

How can you move on from misery?


Stop being miserable! NineFrogs Daily “QUOTE OF THE DAY!”:

Up next!


Your success.

My success.

Should not tied to anyone or anything.


My success is because of my actions.

As yours should be.

You are given this life.

To do amazing things.

Things that others only wished.

They had the courage to do.

Even if they don’t tell you.

Which they won’t!

Don’t let that stop you from being amazing!

I’ve learned over the years.

To be courageous.

Even when it scares the sh*t out of me.

That’s what this life is all about.

Baby steps.

No one expects.

You to do everything in a day!

That’s why.

Experiment with how far you can go.

So, how far do you think you can go?

HINT: It’s a whole lot further than you think!


You will NEVER know until you try!

Up next! 👈👈👈

The reason you need to take baby steps.

Is because.

It’s not a race.

It’s a marathon.

And I will tell you.

Not everyone.

Has the stamina.

To stay with it.

People try and do.

Everything all at once.

And then.

When it doesn’t work out.

The way they think it should.

They bail.

That’s not how it works.

You take baby steps.


Planting seeds.

Watering them.

And you keep the process going.

Baby steps baby!

Up next!

You want to be successful?

Change your mindset.



Sharks aren’t afraid of anything.

Sharks don’t let anyone.

Or anything get in their way.

They know how to maneuver.

Around any blocks in the road.

So, if a shark can do that?

Why can’t you?👈👈👈

Up next!

Think of it like this:

The Universe has dealt you a ROYAL FLUSH.👈👈👈

Even if your reality doesn’t feel like it.

Mind > Matter.👈👈👈

When you start thinking.

Like this.

You have now.

Leveled up.


You become untouchable.👈👈👈


Patricia D. Bokowski – CEO & Founder – NineFrogs

Baby steps!

Something I realized lately.

I’ve stopped apologizing.

For being who I am.

I’m feeling extremely.

Powerful lately.

Like, I got it back.

I feel it.

Fueled with a deep desire.

To conquer all my fears.

And climb those mountains.

You know.

The ones that everyone says I can’t.

And I approach them all.

With fierce determination.

Embracing it all.

And I know.

That’s the mindset I need.

To climb those mountains.

Up next!

“If you don’t have a seat at the table.

You are probably on the menu.”

So I say.

Make your own table.

And then, you get to invite.

Who YOU want.

To sit at it.

Then sit back.

And watch.

Who wants an invite?

Up next!

Have you heard?

I wrote a book!

Titled: “How One Landscaping Bill Changed Everything”

Available now on Amazon!

Click the link to purchase today: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BMSP3LTJ

I cannot wait for you guys to read it!

And finally.

I leave you with this.

My new favorite meme <3

That is so me these days!


I am telling you once again!


No Matter What!

No Matter How!

Figure out a way to make it work.

It took Thomas Edison 10,000 tries.

To make the lightbulb.

So don’t get discouraged.

Baby steps!


It probably won’t work the first ten times.

But, maybe it will work on try fifteen?

You just have to believe.

You can!


Up next!

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That’s a wrap!

Talk soon,

Patricia <3 always

NineFrogs ~ People will stare. Make it worth their while.

“Up next!”


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