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Wow! What an incredible run you’ve had, Patricia Bokowski! Lots of “firsts,” tons of breakthroughs, countless miracles. Stones overturned, doors unlocked, and journeys just begun. It feels like I’ve waited an eternity for all that’s now happening. (Actually, I have.)
Do you have any idea how many millenniums, billenniums, trillenniums have gone by without you in the world? Thinking the kind of thoughts you now think, doing the kind of stuff you now do, and illuminating all the nooks and crannies (n-o-o-o-o, I didn’t almost say “crooks and grannies”) of the planet I couldn’t otherwise reach?
Too many.
Thanks, and have a great day!
Your fellow Adventurer,
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“You only look crazy until it works, then you’re a genius!” – NineFrogs

Tell me something!

Isn’t that how it always starts?

Every job interview I’ve ever been on.

The same line!

Let’s face it.

When it comes to job hunting.

No one loves it.

But, you got to do.

What you got to do.

That’s where I come in!

So I did it!

I opened shop on Amazon!

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Like I said.

No one really enjoys job hunting!

Especially going on interviews.

It’s kind of like dating.

You take one look.

And you know it’s not a good fit.

And yet.

Here you are.



You’re nervous.

Wondering what to wear?

What to say?

Will there be any trick questions?

Will they like you?

The list is endless.

The entire process is overwhelming.

Enough to make you want to hide.

Under the sheets and not come out.

So today.

I’m sharing some of my best tips.

To help you through.

The interview process successfully!



With as little stress as possible.

Let’s start with one of my favorites.

Harvey Specter:

That’s right.

Read that again.

On your interview.

You want to project your “best self“.👈👈👈


Rule of thumb.

In my professional opinion.

Better to be over-dressed.

Than under-dressed.

I cannot stress that enough!

Let’s look at it.

You show up at a job interview.

Not dressed up at all.

Because YOU didn’t think you needed to.

Now, you see all the other people waiting.


They are all dressed really well.

And, you are not.

Now how do you feel?

That’s why I always say.“How would I know that?” (5.12.2021)

It is best to always over-dress.


Trust me on this one!

Recently, I heard someone say.

That men don’t need.

To wear a suit for an interview!


Totally disagree!



People don’t dress up like they used to.

But still.

Depending on the job you are going for.

A suit could be IN ORDER.

And if it’s not that kind of position.


At the very least.

A sports jack and nice trousers.


And I cannot stress this enough.

It is far better to be over-dressed.

Then under-dressed.

That goes for women as well.

That LBD you have hanging in your closet?

Put a blazer or pretty sweater over it.

And you’re interview ready!


Have you ever gone to a Job Fair?

Ever notice how “most” people dress?

Shocking ;-/

For some strange reason.

Some people feel they don’t need.

To dress up for a Job Fair?


This IS the time to dress up.


Potential employers are looking.

At everyone who walks up to their table.

And don’t be surprised.

If they put a little x on your application.

Because of the way you dress (yes, they do that!).

I’m not saying you need to wear a suit.

But, would it kill you to look presentable?


This is one of my tag-lines.

And I use very often in my business.

Listen, you have one shot.

To impress the f*ck out of the interviewer.

Basically, three seconds, if that?



Make every second count.

Things to do:

Smile 😉

Make eye contact.

Offer a hearty hand-shake.

When the person who comes out to greet you.

Say something nice.

Such as;

“Happy to meet you”.

“Thank you for seeing me today”.

“Nice shoes”…

You get the idea.

Use your imagination.

A nice compliment can do wonders for you interview!

When you go on a job interview.

You have to think like a boss.

What is the boss looking for?

You read the job description.

If YOU were the one doing the hiring.

Who would you be looking for?

Now, be that person!

Did you Google the company?

Found out as much as you could about them?

Did you get the name of the person.

Who is going to interview you?

Google them as well!

Make sure you look them up.

On LinkedIn.

Side note: I look EVERYONE up on LinkedIn, potential dates, potential clients, friends, haters, etc. Then I go to FaceBook, check them out there, then Instagram…You get it.

Find out as much as you can about the company!

Imagine you’re working there.

How would you benefit them?

You know that they are most likely.

Going to ask you that question anyway!


Try and always be one step ahead of the game.


You know that’s what this is.


It comes down to who plays the game better.


Or the other guy?

Just remember my advice.

Play to win!


Here’s something not many people will tell you.

In this whole ‘interview’ process.

You don’t have to have EVERY skill they put in the post.

Maybe you have 7 out of 10?

But you have amazing confidence.

And a kick-a** personality!

Go for it anyway.

And apply anyway!

Here’s another thing.

Don’t be surprised.

If they ask you about your social media presence.

Yes, that’s right.

A lot of companies want employees.

Who have an active social media account.

So again.

Maybe you have only 7 out of 10 skills?

But you have killer social media.

Use that to your advantage.

When it comes to the whole ‘job interviewing process’.

Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.

And be creative.

Looking back to my Cablevision days.

I can’t tell you how many jobs I got.

That on paper.

I was not qualified for.

But I had a shi*tload of confidence.

To get them.

It all comes confidence baby.

So let your personality fly!

Like I said.

Maybe you fall short on your skills.

But make up for it in enthusiasm.

True story:

Way back when.

When I was working at Rainbow.

I saw I job posting that I wanted to get an interview for.

I went to HR and the HR lady said, no!

Because the posting said:

You had to be able to take “dictation”.

And I didn’t have that particular skill.

I told the HR lady:

“Let me worry about that, just get me an interview.”

And yes, I said it just like that.

That’s what I’m talking about.

Sometimes you need get aggressive!

Happy to say.

I nailed it!

And I was offered the position AT my interview!


Many times an employer.

Would rather hire an employee.

Who has a great personality.

And not have the exact skill-set needed for the position.

So I say it again.

Don’t shy away for applying for positions.

Just because you can’t check every box.


Boxes can be filled in.

I saw that happen MANY times.

Over in my days at Cablevision.

Both with myself and other people.

So don’t shy away.

From applying for a position.

Because you don’t have ALL.

The skills they are looking for.

And if you find yourself.

In a precarious position when applying.

Just think to yourself:

What would Wonder Woman do?

In many cases.

When you go on an interview.

The person interviewing you.

Does not greet you.

Many times.

The person greeting you is called the “GateKeeper”.

It is extremely important to be courteous to this person!

As this person is the ears and eyes.

Of the interviewer (in most instances).

This person can make or break you.

So whatever you do.

Be extremely nice to this person!

Before your interview.

It is highly recommended (by me).

That you remain focused and clear-headed!

You need to clear your mind.

For as much time as you can before the interview.

So what can you do to clear your mind?

Best to do something physical like:

Take a walk.

Go take a Zumba class.

Workout at the gym.

Anything that makes you happy!

It’s all about mindset.

You want your confidence level at an all time high!

It really is the small things.

Only, all those small things make a BIG impression.

Which is what you are going for, remember that!

More small things.

Do you need a haircut?

That goes for both men and women.

How are your nails?

Does your outfit need to be ironed?

Are you missing any buttons?

Are your shoes in good condition?

Like I said.

It’s the little things people!

Here’s a short story from somewhere, I don’t remember…

A woman was interviewing a young lady and went to the lobby to bring her in. 

She had asked the young lady if she was good with small details and the young lady said yes. 

As they were walking down the hall, the interviewer couldn’t help but notice the click clack

of the young ladies heels. 

It turns out, she was missing the tap off one heel and made a funny noise. 

Point made!

Pay attention to the small details.

BEFORE you leave for your interview.

Make sure you have it mapped out where you are going.

(Google Maps gets me everywhere).

Better yet.

If it’s far away or in an unfamiliar place.

Do a dry run the day before.

Give yourself an extra half hour.

If it’s far away in case of traffic.

Make sure you bring a copy of your resume.

As well as:

Your license.

Your social security card.

And any other important paperwork.

That you think.

They might want a copy of.

Prepare the night before.

So all you have to do is grab it and go.

Depending on the time of your interview.

Give yourself as much time to get ready as possible.

The last thing you want to do.

Is stress before your interview!

And remember to breath 😉

OK. It’s showtime!

You look fabulous.

You’re totally pumped and ready to go.👈👈👈


Take a deep breath.

And remind yourself of HOW AWESOME YOU ARE.

Because YOU ARE!

That is the mindset!

Confident, not cocky (there is a difference).

You so got this.

Go and give it your BEST shot!

And no matter the outcome.

Whether you get the job or not.

You are still a winner.☝☝☝

I learned something extremely valuable early on in my career.

If I didn’t get a position that I was going for.

It just meant something better was waiting for me.


It’s the same for you too!

Remember, not every open position.

Is for you!

And whatever you do.

Don’t grovel.

Don’t be too willing.

Don’t let them see you sweat.

Make sure you get as many details.

About the position as possible.

Last but not least…

Go in there and give it your BEST shot!

I believe in you!

That’s a wrap!

Tell me something!

It’s HERE!

Titled: “How One Landscaping Bill Changed Everything!” – A Whistleblower’s Tale of Lies, Deceit & Betrayal!

Available on Amazon in paperback and kindle.

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I cannot wait for you guys to read it!

Lastly, make sure you check out my shop on Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/shop/ninefrogs

Interested in working with me?


Shoot me an email today – pattib@ninefrogs.com!

That’s a wrap!

Talk soon,

Patricia <3 always

NineFrogs ~ People will stare.  Make it worth their while!

“Tell me something!”



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