“My to-do list!” (6.5.2020)

I do believe it should comfort you to know, Patricia, that whenever you face a fork in the road of life, no matter which path you choose, I’ll be there in all my glory.
(Probably moon walking, with a long, feather boa trailing in the breeze…) 
You can’t go wrong –   The Universe / My to-do list!


“Stop asking people who have never been where you are going for directions.” – NineFrogs

Remember when you were a kid and your parents, maybe your mother, maybe your dad, would read you a book before you went to sleep?

It was usually some kind of fairy tale book.

They didn’t always end well didn’t they?

In fact, some of them were down-right scary.😑😑😑

It reminds me of the people who love The Wizard of Oz👈👈👈

To this day, I cannot watch that move!

Scared the HELL out of me! https://www.ninefrogs.com

When I was a kid, I think I was the only kid in the neighborhood who didn’t like that movie!!!

I was more of a ‘March of the Wooden Soldiers’ kind of kid, and even that movie was scary😐😐😐

So, today’s blog is not so much about Fairy Tales, as it is about not rushing into success.

Or, should I say, taking the small things for granted, and/or, trying to rush the process.

Which, as an entrepreneur, I can relate👈👈👈

“Dreamers always win!”


Today I’m sharing an old Fairy Tale that I came upon the other day.

I don’t know about you?

But during this #quarantine, I have been putting my time to good use!👈👈👈

I have been spending a great deal of time going through old files and notebooks that I’ve collected over the years.

In them, I have discovered some really great stuff (and now I know why I have saved some things from as far back as 2012)😁😁😁

I think it’s great therapy to go through your old files.

As entrepreneurs, we tend to collect ‘stuff.’

STUFF, we collect then never read again, because we are usually too busy collecting more STUFF👈👈👈

You might remember this one from when you were a kid!

Today’s Fairy Tale is Aesop’s Fable: “The Goose and the Golden Egg!”

This is the story of a poor farmer who one day finds a glittering gold egg in his goose’s nest.🤗🤗🤗

Each morning, he finds another egg and eventually becomes very wealthy💰💰💰

He grows greedy, however, and one day kills the goose to get all the eggs at once.😐😐😐

Only to find the goose empty 🙁

The moral of the story:

Like the foolish farmer in the fable, we often emphasize short-term results at the expense of long-term prosperity.👈👈👈

Good things take time!

GREAT things take even longer👈👈👈

Don’t rush the process!

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Talk soon.

Stay safe❤❤❤

Patricia <3 always

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