“Is this all there is?” (3.13.2021)

The long and short of it goes something like this… 
When one stops looking for the quick and easy way, Patricia Bokowski, and just deals with what’s already on their plate, the quick and easy way soon finds them. 
That one makes me hungry,   The Universe / “Is this all there is?” / www.tut.com

Patricia D. Bokowski – CEO & Founder – NineFrogs

“You only look crazy until it works, then you’re a genius!” – NineFrogs

Is this all there is?

That’s what I used to say to myself everyday!


That’s one of the reasons.

I started my business.

So tired of living.

That mediocre life.

When I knew there was so much more.

Out there for me.

Things to do.

Places to explore.

People to meet.

Is this it?


Today I want to share with you.

Some suggestions.

To get you to the next level.

They are all pretty simple.

The thing is.

Most people don’t do them.

And I hope you are not one of those people.


If you want to live a different life.

You need to start doing things differently.

And thinking differently as well.

Just remember.

You can do this.

Is this it?


Yes, I know we’re all wearing masks.

Yes, I know it’s kind of hard to tell.


Trust me.

You can tell.

True story.

This happened months ago.

Probably in the Fall.

I was sitting in my car.

In a parking lot (my son was in getting his hair cut).

I had my window open.

I see this lady pull up.

To her car with her groceries in a cart.

I look over at her.

I smile.

Because I’m sitting in my car.

So obviously, I had no mask on.

She sees me.

Kind of looks over.

And then turns away.

I’m like, ok?

I go back to scrolling on my phone.

Not thinking twice about what just happened.

All of a sudden I hear:

“Hey, look, I’m smiling.”

And there’s my lady.

No mask on.

BIG smile on her face.

I say to her: ‘you just made my day.”

She looks and me and says: “you just made mine.”

People can tell.

So, smile damnit!


I cannot emphasize this one enough.

Before you step out your door in the morning.

Take a quick look in the mirror and ask yourself.

Is this the image I want to show the world today?

Looking and feeling your best👈👈👈

Are signs of self-confidence.


When you have self-confidence.

You can do things you never would have imagined!

Like pursue all those dreams you have!


This is SO important.

Especially now.

If you are looking to build trusting relationships.

Look people in the eye.

Both, when listening and talking.

People want to be heard.

And not just with your ears.

Needless to say.

Since we’re all wearing masks these days.

Eye contact is super important. NineFrogs Daily QUOTE OF THE DAY:


Dale Carnegie wrote about this often in his writings.

Of the simple act of complimenting others.

In that, not only do you.

Get to make another person’s day.

And, make them feel better.

You receive the residual affect.

Of feeling better for the act of doing it.

Read that again!


YOU will feel better.

Because YOU got to make some else’s day!


Even if it’s Chapstick.


Personally, I don’t understand how anyone.

Can be happy without lipstick in their life 🙂

I literally live for my pink lipstick!


Lipstick and Happiness.

Go hand-in-hand in my world.


That’s why I’m always so happy!


If there is one thing.

The pandemic has shown me.

Is this.

Life is too short.

To spend time with people.

Who don’t make you feel like sunshine.


You should feel the same way!

You know what they say?

“If your circle isn’t clapping for you.

Get a new circle.”👈👈👈

I win!


In past blogs.

I would have said.

Exercise Daily.

As in, hit the gym.


Since that is a touchy subject these days.

Everyone has an opinion!


That doesn’t mean you stop moving.

Do whatever it is you can.

To move about every day.

Take the stairs.

Park as far away.

As you can.

From wherever you are going.

So you can get.

A few extra steps in.

Or, go for a walk.

Or, a run if that’s your thing.

The point is, keep moving👈👈👈

Not only does moving and exercise.

Keep you happy.

It also keeps you younger.



It’s a win/win!


Whether it’s a tree or your grandmother.

Be it your significant other.

Your kids or your pet.

It’s good for your heart and soul.

And again, I know things are different.

But, you can work around it.

I saw my friend the other day.

Who works at Home Depot.

We got to chat for a few minutes.

And then.

As I was saying good bye to her.

She gave me big air hug 🤗🤗🤗

It was the cutest thing ever.

Where there’s a will.

There’s a way!


In everything you do.

With everyone you come in contact with.

Both personal and business.

There is nothing worse than a fake.


Most people can smell one a mile away.

Be genuine with your acts, words, smile and feelings.

That how you know you are in your flow.

In summary.

I know there will be people.

Who will read my list.

And say:

“Sorry Patti, but none of those work for me.”

And then wonder?

Why they aren’t happy?


Happiness is a mindset.“Why are you inside my head?” (12.2.2020)

Just like success.

It’s your choice.

So choose wisely!

Is this all there is?

Have you heard?

I wrote a book!

Titled: “How One Landscaping Bill Changed Everything!” – A Whistleblower’s Tale of Lies, Deceit & Betrayal!

Available now on Amazon!

Coming out in paperback shortly.

I cannot wait for you guys to read it!

Patricia D. Bokowski – CEO & Founder – NineFrogs

Lastly, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel – The Frog’s Den!

Interested in working with me?


Shoot me an email today – pattib@ninefrogs.com

That’s a wrap!

Talk soon,

Patricia <3 always

NineFrogs ~ People will stare. Make it worth their while!

“Is this all there is?”



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