“Do you need help?” (2.16.15)

You’re the kind of person, Patricia, who saves so much time every month with wise decisions, creative thoughts, and simple kindness, that if you were anyone else, you’d toot your own horn, take the next week off, and stop feeling guilty for not doing more.
   The Universe / “Do you need help?”
Yes, Patricia, simple kindness saves time! It also extends lives, loudens laughter, and compounds interest. And yes, “loudens” is a word… now. / www.tut.com

“Stop asking people who have never been where you have been going for directions.” –  NineFrogs

“I don’t know what it means to back down, only to step up. 

Before you challenge me, be ready to learn your limits,

because I have none.” / j. iron word

Do you need help?

I’m asked that a lot these days.

Which got me to thinking?

Why they are so many unhappy people in the world today?


They got too comfortable in a job/relationship/situation/etc.

While they should have.

Gotten out of a relationship that wasn’t working.

Left friends that were toxic and weren’t working for them anymore

Only, instead of moving on.

They stayed.

There’s a saying you may know!

It’s called “comfort in your misery.”

I certainly hope you are not one of those people!

If you are.

Keep reading!

Like, I’ll start really living my life when:

I lose weight.

True love comes into my life.

My ideal job shows up at my door.

When I wear my good underwear,

When I make more money.

When I feel happy.

When I’m older.

Feel better about myself.


The list is literally endless.


And it’s all a total waste of time.

Start now. NineFrogs “Quote of the Day”!

Once you concentrate on you.

And making YOU happy.

Doing the things you want to do and accomplish.

You will look at life so differently.

It’s okay to be selfish with your time and energy.

And put a little self-care into both yourself.

And those BIG dreams you want to go after.

YOU don’t have to be at everyone’s disposal.



Stop waiting for everything to magically happen.

While you sit on your couch looking at your vision board.

And yes, I know people who do this!

Don’t wait on other people’s promises.

Most mean well.

But let’s be honest.

They are just trying to work out their own issues.


And don’t wait for any handouts either.


Start creating your own opportunities.

Start knocking on doors.

LOTS of them.


You never know which door is going to be YOUR door.

So you need to get busy.


You’re smart.

You’ll figure it out.


Write down your goals!

Make a plan (that’s called an ACTION plan).

Think outside the box.

Because that’s where all the magic happens.

And here’s something really important.

Think BIGGER goals while you are at it.

It’s just as easy to think big.

As it is to think little.

So think BIG!


Most people envision their dreams on a small scale.

But, you’re not most people, are you?


Get to work.

And prepared to put in the hours.

You will need a lot of dedication to make this work!


Here’s some advice to help kick-start your goals!

START networking.

Meet people who can help you make your dreams come true.

Do that now.

So important.

Networking was key for me when I started out.

So much so.

I was named one of Long Island’s top ‘Movers & Shakers’.


Like that!



Start with whatever you have.

Don’t procrastinate your dreams because you don’t have _______ fill in the blank.

Because YOU know.

You have everything you need to starthttp://ninefrogs

YOU will learn what you need along the way.

That’s the way it works!

That’s the process.

The important thing here is:

You just have to START!

Do you need help?

Have you heard?

I wrote a book!

Titled:  “How One Landscaping Bill Changed Everything!”

Available now on Amazon!

Will be available in paperback shortly!

I cannot wait for you guys to read it!

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That’s a wrap!

Talk soon,

Patricia <3 always

NineFrogs ~ People will stare. Make it worth their while!

“Do you need help?”


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