“What’s the difference?” (2.6.17)

By embracing uncertainty with regard to the “hows” of dream manifestation, Patricia Bokowski, and allowing it, not fearing it, you actually increase my options for blowing your dear mind.
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Patricia D. Bokowski – CEO & Founder – NineFrogs

“If you want to achieve greatness stop asking for permission!” – NineFrogs

What’s the difference?

That’s what you all ask?

So, when I say.

Stop saying, “I can’t.”

And instead, start saying.

“I can!”

World of difference.

I hear people.

All the time.

That tell me.

They are going.

To ‘start’ a project.

Be a business, a diet, going back to school, etc.

They talk a good talk.


They never actually start.

That thing that they keep talking about.

Here’s the thing.

If you want different results.

You can’t keep doing the same thing.

Every damn day.


Day in and day out.

That truly is the definition of insanity!

So today.

I am sharing some of my favorite.

Life hacks tricks.

To shift your thinking.

Into actually STARTING.

Whatever your ‘thing’ is.

Now is the perfect time to start!



Every notice.

How sharks do what they want.

They go wherever they want.

They eat whatever they want.

They push past anyone.

Or anything who tries to stop them.

That’s why everyone is afraid of sharks.

They take their sh*t seriously.

And don’t let anyone mess with them 👉👉👉

Now, stop and think. 

How can you be a shark?


I know, you’ve heard me say this before.

Well, I’m saying it again.

Because from what I’m seeing out there.

Many of you have NOT taken my advice 👆👆👆

How are you going to take over the world?

And make those wild dreams of yours come true?

What kind of impression.

Do you think you leave on people?


So please, smile 😉

When you wake up.

Make it a point to smile.

To whoever crosses your path 😉

Your significant other.

Your roommate.

The cashier at the coffee shop.

Your co-workers, etc.

You get the idea. 

Even if you aren’t feeling it.

Do it anyway.


You attract what you are.

Not what you want!


– that’s right. 

With every person you speak with.

Look them in the eye. 

This is so important.

For your relationships with others. 

It really lets people know you are.

Really listening to them.

And, not your phone.

Making eye contact.

Is just another form of good listening skills.


Nothing will ruin your day than all that toxic sh*t!

Shut it down..




And kick all those bad vibes to the curb!

Then start to take in all the good stuff.

It’s out there.

Some days.

You just have to dig a little harder to find it!


Another one we all know.

Yet don’t do enough of. 

Drinking water is good for your mind, body and soul. 

So drink up!

And, in order to do great things with your life.

YOU need to feel GREAT!!!


I don’t care what you do for a living.

You need to dress your best! 

If you wear a uniform every day for your job.

Make sure your uniform is clean and presentable. 

And if you don’t wear a uniform and can wear anything you want.

Make every outfit count.

And accessorize life a beautiful MF!


No matter what you do.

Keep shining your light! 

You won’t believe how good that makes you feel.

You think better.

Carry yourself better.

Have more confidence. “The Frog’s Den Digest!” Inspirational version for those that need it! (4.16.2022)

And eventually.

You will be a magnet.

Attracting all good to you.

Trust me! 


What’s the difference?

Did you hear?

I wrote a book!

My first.

Titled: “How One Landscaping Bill Changed Everything!”

Available now on Amazon!

Click the link for purchase today: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BMSP3LTJ

I cannot wait for you guys to read it!

Patricia D. Bokowski – CEO & Founder – NineFrogs

Lastly, make sure you follow me on YouTube and TikTok – The Frog’s Den!

And if you are interested in working with me, email me at pattib@ninefrogs.com. Let’s see what kind of magic we can make happen!

That’s a wrap!

Talk soon.

Patricia <3 always

NineFrogs ~ People will stare.  Make it worth their while!

“What’s the difference”


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