“How can I be GREAT?” (7.25.2021)

“Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” – Winston Churchill / How can I be GREAT? /

“If you want to achieve success, stop asking for permission.” – NineFrogs

Short, but super-important, blog today!


A quick reminder!

Three things you can do today, to get you on the road to GREATNESS!

Which will lead to a better day.





And bonus points.

They are all free.


No course to take.

No book to read.

No download.


All free.

All to help you.

How to be GREAT!

People who are the path to greatness.

Don’t try and take the easy way out.

They don’t skip steps they know they need to take.


If you are on your path to greatness.

Be prepared.

Prepared to do whatever it takes.

The steps I am showing you today.

Seem so simple.

Yet, I can’t even begin to tell you.

How few people actually do them.

How to be GREAT!

SMILE – Like you mean it!


You have all heard this one before.

But so few of you are doing it.

When you wake up tomorrow.

Make it a point to smile to whoever crosses your path.

Your significant other, or, whoever you live with, even if it’s your cat.

The cashier at the coffee shop, your co-workers, you get the idea. 

Even if you aren’t feeling it, do it anyway.

Did you even see a picture of Oprah, not smiling?

Or, Warren Buffer or Bill Gates?

Yeah, not too often.

How to be GREAT!

MAKE EYE CONTACT – that’s right. 

With every person you speak with.

Look them in the eye. 

This is so important for your relationships with others. 

It let’s people know you are really listening to them. 

Making eye contact is super important.

It is another tool in your toolbox.

On your road to being great!

How to be GREAT!

DRESS YOUR BEST – everyday, all day! 

If you wear a uniform every day for your job.

Make sure you look lit every time you wear it! 

If you don’t wear a uniform and can wear what you want.

Pick outfits that make you look amazing.

Style your hair nicely.

Put on some good cologne/perfume.

If you wear makeup, don’t overdo it.

If you don’t wear makeup, put on some lipgloss.

The point it, you really want to shine.

You know what Mark Zuckenberg wears everyday?

A t-shirt and jeans?

Do you know what Tom Ford wears everyday?

A black suit, white shirt and black tie.

It’s not so much WHAT you wear.

But, how you wear it.

You get the idea.

As I said.

These are just a few things.

To help you along.

On your path to greatness.


You don’t get there overnight.

It’s a process.

Like a lot of other things.

It takes a a lot of work.

A lot of determination.

A lot of taking risks.

A lot of doing things that others won’t.

But, you’re not other people right?

You don’t think like others?

I know I don’t.

And that’s ok.

How to be GREAT!

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That’s a wrap!

Talk soon,

Patricia <3 always

NineFrogs ~ People will stare. Make it worth their while!

How can I be GREAT?”



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