“All that and more!” (5.12.2021)

The question, Patricia Bokowski, that some might consider asking is, “Can others, doing what they’re now doing, no matter what their motivation, no matter what our relationship, and no matter what they decide, keep me from being all I want to be?” 
And the answer is always, “Not in a million years.” 
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Especially, when who you want to be, Patricia Bokowski, is as simple as “happy, huggable, and sharing your new awesome successful thriving fabulous business with the world.” That was you, right…?

“You only look crazy until it works, then you’re a genius!” – NineFrogs

All that and more!

That’s what it feels like.

When you are going after your dreams.

And, although it is hard.

It’s the hard that makes it great!

Remember that!

That’s what it feels like going after your dreams.

Choosing your own path.

Doing your own thing.

Being an authentic person.

Doing what you love.

And making a difference in the world!

And yes, it’s a lot of work!

When the chances are one in a million.

BE that ONE!

You know?


THE one who succeeds!

The one who is crazy enough to actually make it happen!

And one trick to getting there.

Being the best version of yourself.

The other trick.

Stop worry about how it’s going to happen.

And just believe that it will!

You know when you’re starting out.

And you start to wonder.

How is this every going to work?

Maybe it’s a new business?

A new goal?

Maybe it’s something you’ve always wanted to do?


You could never figure out how to start?

Trust me.

And I know I sound like a broken record.

But seriously.

Stop worrying about how it’s going to work out.

And start believing it will!

Once you’re on your path.

If you are extremely dedicated to it.

And work at it consistently.

Then that’s all that matters.


Because here’s the thing.

When it happens.

It’s not going to happen on your timeline.

It will happen on The Universe’s timeline.

We’re all just winging it!


Here’s what you need to be doing, daily.

Take action!


Keep moving daily towards your end goal.

Go down every road.

Knock on every door (I write about that a lot).

Open every window.

And if one shuts.

Open another.

Knock on another door.

Be creative.

You’ll see what I mean once you start knocking.

And if you should encounter a block in the road.

Find another road.


If you hit a brick wall there.

Go over it.

Go around it.


Whatever you do!

Do not let that brick wall stop you!

The wall is there to see how bad you want it.


If you want it bad enough.

You’ll figure it out.


If you find you’re being told no.

More than being told yes.

Maybe you need to find new people to ask!

Someone asked me recently:

“Patti, what if I missed my opportunity?

What if I missed my train?”

And I answered.

“Then it wasn’t your train.”


What you seek is seeking you.

Your job is to find it!

Patricia D. Bokowski – CEO & Founder – NineFrogs

The point is.

You need to keep moving in the direction of your dream.

And not get distracted.

Not stop at what’s supposed to be a bus stop.

Only you made it into a final destination.

Ask anyone who has achieved great success.

If they knew how it was going to happen for them?

Or ever?

IF it was going to happen for them?

And most will say.

They had no idea!

They just knew they were going to get there!

Because that’s how it works. NineFrogs Daily QUOTE OF THE DAY:

You put your best food forward everday.

And keep moving in the direction of your dreams.

Some days you’ll hit it out of the park.

Other days you won’t.

Just make sure you keep showing up!


“If it was easy, everyone would do it!”

If you don’t know where you are going?

Any road will take your there!


When you know you’re on the right path.

You know.

You feel it.

As Gary Vee says:

“You’re in your flow.”

So, forget about the cursed ‘How’s” (as Mike Dooley says).

And just concentrate.

On moving forward!

It is all in your mindset. NineFrogs Daily “QUOTE OF THE DAY”:

Think it.

Feel it.

Believe it!

When the chances are one in a million, be that ONE!

All that and more!

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Shoot me an email today – pattib@ninefrogs.com!

That’s a wrap!

Talk soon,

Patricia <3 always

NineFrogs ~ People will stare. Make it worth their while!

“All that and more!”



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