“Why?” (5.25.17)

Those feelings you most want, Patricia Bokowski, aren’t going to come from somewhere new, someone special, or something wonderful. 
They’re going to come from within, where they now wait for your permission to be released – often in terms of somewhere new, someone special, or something wonderful. 
Permission granted, 
  The Universe / “Why?”
“Stop asking people who have never been where you are going for directions.” – NineFrogs


Just why?

You know?

That ‘thing’ that everyone is searching for.


And not just today!


And that ‘thing’ is different for everyone.

It’s like this.

People have a way of putting off the special for another day!

Only, “today” is the special day.  👈👈👈

Everyday you wake up IS THE special day!

Remember that!

Be AMAZING today!

People always ask?

How can I get it?


Try harder.

Work smarter.

Give it your all!

This is pretty much how I live my life these days.

Ever since I started my business just about five years ago.

I wake up everyday (and say thank you).

With the intention of helping as many people as I can.

Through whichever means I can.

My posts, my services, my blog, all of it serves to help others!

It gives me MY purpose.👈👈👈

This NineFrogs business of mine.

Is the driving factor in my life (aside from my family).

Having a true purpose has changed my life immensely.

In more ways than I can count.

I can’t imagine living my life any other way now.

And I have so many things I still want to do.  


I know I have only literally scratched the surface.

Of what I want to do and where I want to go.

When you have that sense of purpose, it makes each day amazing!

Because no two days are the same for me anymore.

No more 9-5, Monday to Friday.

Now it’s from the time I wake up till the time I go to bed.

So again.

People ask.

How can I get it?

I guess it depends what you really want.

And how hard are you willing to work for it!

Because, let me tell you.

The bigger the dream.

The bigger the effort.

Making something from nothing is NOT EASY!

People ask me often.

What pushes you to do what you do every freaking day.


Following my passion and my purpose.👈👈👈

In my vast life (unscientific) experience.

I have one theory of what stops people from living their amazing life.

Most people just never START.

They think about it a lot.

They talk about it a lot.

But, they don’t actually DO anything about it.

And then wonder.

How come I’m not getting what I want?

In order to get what you want out of life.

You need to have a clear picture of what you want.

And then wake up everyday and do everything you can.

In those 24 hours.

To get you closer to where you want to be.

That’s it.

Be creative.

Work smart.

Take risks.

Try new ideas.

See what sticks.

And what doesn’t.

Adjust accordingly.

Here’s another issue I see.

Too many people are living in the past.


Of thinking about right now.

You know what those people need to do?

Let that sh*t go!

Reality check.

You have today!

That’s it.

Nothing after that is promised to any of us.


If you ever needed a reminder to make today amazing.

That should be it! NineFrogs Daily QUOTE OF THE DAY:


I said it early.

You want to know how you can get it?


You need to start.

However you can.

With whatever you have.

With whatever resources you have.

With whatever knowledge you have.

You don’t need to figure out the whole thing.

Just start.

Something else to think about when you’re thinking.

How can I get it?

How many people have a funny memory with their family?

Something that happened out of the blue and you still talk about it today?

I know me and my kids have quite a few.

I’m pretty sure every family has many.


You didn’t know it was going to be a cherished moment until it happened.


That’s what living a ridiculously amazing life is all about.

Always thinking the best is till to come.

It’s a mindset.

And either you have it or you don’t!

True story:

Some years ago or so, when I was working at Cablevision’s Flight Department, I met Brad Pritt in person. 

And yes, he is just as handsome, if not more, in person, and just as nice).  

I had heard at the time that he was taking flying lessons.

So I knew he was in the area.

I was just never expecting him to walk through the door at work.

So imagine your standing talking with a couple of your co-workers by your desk and the door opens from the hangar and in walks Brad Pitt!  

That really happened!  

I received an e-mail yesterday that brought me some great news!

Something that I was hoping was going to happen (business wise).

My first reaction was, OMG, I can’t believe it!

And second reaction was, Mmmmm, I don’t know if I can do that.

Then I proceeded to come up with about five reasons why I couldn’t/shouldn’t do it.


“If you are always trying to be normal,

you will never know how AMAZING you can be.” /

Maya Angelou

Here was a thing I really wanted to do.

Yet the thought of actually doing it scared the hell out of me.

Totally out of my comfort zone.

I had to literally sit and think about it, and tell myself I could do it.

I leave you with this…  “Pursue Greatness Daily”!

You deserve it!

It’s your destiny.

Don’t just ‘settle’ for whatever comes your way.

There are plenty of people who die at 30 and aren’t buried till they’re 75.

I’m sure we all have a story, or two, or ten, about sh*t that happened to us.👈👈👈

The difference is, you can look at what happened to you, learn from it and move on.

OR, you can let it keep right where you are!

Total BS, don’t let that happen to you!

As the saying goes, you are never too old to learn a new trick.

Because, remember, you are looking to make your days ridiculously amazing!

And I want that for you!

People get so caught up in what “happened” to them, that they can’t move forward.

Don’t let that person be you!

Be so caught up in your own life, your future, your passion.

That you don’t have time to think about yesterday.

All your thoughts are on your today’s🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Personally, I’ve been to hell and back more times than I can count.

I just use that as fuel to get me to where I want to me!

There is only person responsible for making your life amazing, and that is you! 

So be amazing!

How can I get it?

Make a list👈👈👈

Adjust accordingly.

How do you do it?

Have you heard?

I’m writing a book!

It’s titled: “How One Landscaping Bill Changed Everything!”

Release date:  September 2022!

I cannot wait for you guys to read it!

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That’s a wrap!

Talk soon,

Patricia <3 always

NineFrogs ~ People will stare.  Make it worth their while!



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