Thank you for brushing up my look! (9/1/17)*

I received these amazing make-up brushes in the mail earlier this week and have been playing around with them all week long.   If you purchase this set, you will receive 15 beautiful brushes, all of which, are silky smooth and made cruelty free.

I love the diversity of all the brushes.  And since I am not a “professional” make-up artist, but I am most certainly a fashionista, I appreciate the fact that they include a detailed card with the brushes explaining what each brush is used for.

I love everything about this set.  The brushes of course.

The case that it comes in is fabulous, not only a slot for each brush, but only has a fold-over top flap to protect the brushes themselves.  And the case rolls up easily with a snap closure to keep them snug.

The material the brushes are made in is not highly absorbent, so it is great for applying cream and liquid-based products as it allows for precise, smooth, and streak-free application.  The brushes are easy to clean and maintain, and are the ideal addition to your make-up arsenal!

And most of all, they help you to look FABULOUS!

Till next time,

Patti <3

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