“Sign me up!” (11.12.18)

I have to tell you, Patricia Bokowski,
that one of the greatest things about being the Universe, is knowing absolutely everything.
Well, that and making dreams come true.
I also love being eternal… and having no limits.
Creating worlds simply with thought.
Knowing that reality is unfolding just exactly as it should.
Having it all, being it all, doing it all.
And I like being perpetually in love… and loved. 
How ’bout you, Patricia Bokowski?
What’s your favorite thing about being the Universe? 
  The Universe / Sign me up!

“Stop asking people who have never been where you are going for directions.” – NineFrogs


I’ve been hearing from many of you out there saying you have no motivation these days (and for some, never had any to begin with).

People ask me often, how is it I have so much energy? 

And, where do I get that big smile from? 

Or, you have so much passion, where does that come from?

I’ll be honest with you, once I started my own business, my whole life changed, for the better. 

Despite all the pitfalls that come with having your own business (and there are many);

I have never felt more alive, had more zest for life, and been happier!

That’s how it feels when you are really living your life!

Absolutely!  That’s how it feels!

And I know, I used to be a zombie. 

I used to work Monday – Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm. 

Lived my life for the weekend. 

Slept-walk my way during the week. 



Zero motivation.

So that’s why I can relate, and I know, The Struggle is Real.

Here’s your motivational suggestion…You need to find something that sets your soul on fire. 

Your reason for getting out of bed (and don’t say your paycheck). 

If that were the case, everyone who works would be happy, and we all know, that is not the case for most. 

It has to be the reason to not hit the couch when you get out of work. 

Start working on your passion, and watch your life change.


The Struggle is Real!

I write often about your attitude (as in my headline, Where Attitude is Everything!) 

Having a positive attitude is like the number one life-skill to help you reach your potential. 

It helps with everything. 

Your business life, your personal life, you name it. 

So if you are waking up Monday morning, and dreading the day, and then the week to follow, you most likely have a really poor attitude. 

And you need to change that asap!

Sometimes you have to tell yourself

“I am a SHARK” 

and attack the day!

If you are reading this right now and saying to yourself, “ok Patti, I get it. 

So tell me how am I supposed to change my poor attitude and do something that sets my soul on fire?” 

Which is a tall order by the way. 

And, something I help many of my clients with.

And my answer is always the same, what is it that you love?

For me it was Fashion and Personal Development and my desire to help people.

So for those who are saying, “I have no idea what I can do”…

I compiled a list of a few suggestions:

Do you love to cook? 


fix cars? 

know another language? 

Start a side business.

Join a gym or some other activity that you love but haven’t done it because you keep telling yourself you don’t have time.

Go back to school and get that degree you always wanted.

Volunteer. “Sign me up!” (8.19.2020)

You get the idea. 

Get a sheet of paper and start writing down some ideas. 

You would be amazed with what you can come up with!

Sign me up!

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That’s a wrap!

Talk soon,

Patricia <3 always

NineFrogs ~ People will stare.  Make it worth their while!

You are untouchable. That’s the way to live your life!







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