“Sign me up!” (12.18.16)

Time and space, Patricia Bokowski, what a hoot. Look to them for answers, direction, and meaning, and they’ll rock your world in every which way.
Yet discover that they look to you for answers, direction, and meaning, and you will rock the world.
Take my word for it, the latter is your “ticket.” 
Tallyho, maestro –
  The Universe / Sign me up!
Patricia Bokowski, what an adventure, if I do say so myself.

“Stop asking people who have never been where you are going for directions.”

– NineFrogs Wisdom

You got this.

You can find your smile again.

Go outside and take a walk.

Listen to some great music you love.

I have a Beach Boys CD in my car and I listen to it on the mornings when I need a little umph!

I mean, how can you not smile when you’re singing Help Me Rhonda at the top of your lungs.


Listen to Frank, he knows.

One of the reasons people lose their smiles is because they give up their power.

And no one has time for that!


If you lost your power, take it back.

And when you do that.

Watch how quick your smile returns.

No surprise here.


I am known for my beautiful smile.


I share with as many people as I can every day.

I believe everyone is born with a gift(s).

And that’s ONE of mine.


I feel it is my responsibility to share it.

Also. “How to have a Happy Day!” (9.30.2020)

I know there are so many people.

Who can’t find theirs.

We all know what the first one is 🙂

And that one leads to LOTS of smiling.

Try it.

I used to have a problem some days finding my smile.

Back when I didn’t realize all my power.


Now that I have my power.

This is me now👆👆👆

I’ve been using this picture more and more in my blogs.

Because I think it is THE BEST example of how to LIVE.


I know others may disagree.

Did I tell you I don’t care what others think?

You shouldn’t either.

Be like Rihanna.

Blank them all and find your smile.


Believe you can and you are half-way there!

So what is it that lights you up?

Makes you happy?

And don’t make it a person (how boring).


Something that YOU like to do that makes YOU happy.

For me.

It was starting my business.

I mean.

I was always happy.


I didn’t get this happy.


This empowered.

Until I started my business eight years ago.

Best decision I ever made for myself!


That’s it.

Sounds so simple, right?


If you really want to find your smile.

That’s what you need to do.

Get rid of all the shiz that you hate.

The people who make you unhappy.

Maybe it’s your job?

Or, your partner.

Whatever it is.


Nothing is worth the price of your happines.

Let me repeat that.

Nothing is worth the price of your happines.

Your joy!

Your smile.

Ask yourself that question?

Are you willing to stay where you are in your life?

Being unhappy?


It all comes down to you.

No one can do it for you. “Sign me up!” (8.19.2020)

I tell my sons that all the time.

If you aren’t happy.

What’s going on in your life that you need to change?

So ask yourself the same question?

When you start living your life like that👆👆👆

Finding your smile is pretty easy.

In fact.

You don’t even think about.


It’s just part of the day.

When you are busy being ‘unstoppable’.

You already know your smile is there. 


You need to find your light.

That ‘thing’.


It’s inside you.

Not something you buy.

Or a person.

I mean I love a good shopping trip as much as the next girl.



That’s not going to bring you ultimate happiness.

As for a person.


A person can bring you happiness.

Make you smile.


The thing you are looking for is inside you.

That’s where you happiness lies.

And when you find that.

You’ll find your smile 🙂

Sign me up!

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That’s a wrap!

Till next time,

Patricia <3 always

NineFrogs ~ People will stare.  Make it worth their while!





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