“Know your worth!” (2.12.2020)

A philosophical journey from here to there…
Patricia Bokowski, do you think that if ten million dollars were to be suddenly deposited into your checking account, that over the following months and years you’d have fewer and fewer challenges? Or do you think, perhaps, that your challenges would simply evolve and change? 
Right, evolve and change. 
And do you think that with your extra $10 million, you’d gradually be presented with more and more opportunities to be happy? Or do you think, perhaps, that your opportunities would simply evolve and change? 
Right, evolve and change. 
Now, doesn’t that answer everything? 
Beeb, beeb –   The Universe
/ Know your worth!


“Stop asking people who have never been where you are going for directions.” – NineFrogs

Know your worth👈👈👈




Life is too short.

And you have worked too hard.

Every person I know seems to be working their ass off these days!

As for me.

This year for me is all about getting things right.

Things that I have put up with.

Settled on.

Dealt with.

And most definitely my last year of tolerating less than I deserve!

What about you?

How about this be the year we stop ‘accepting’ what is handed to us?

And instead.

Go out and go after what is ours!

I was watching a YouTube video recently.

And the person asked (I don’t remember who it was), what is your word for 2020?

After about 10 seconds my word came to me!


As in.

I will take ACTION in area of my life this year!

Every area I want to change!

Every area that I want to level up!

What’s your word for 2020?

Share it in the comments!

Like when things aren’t going your way.

And you’re thinking.

‘Why is this happening to me?’

Instead THINK; ‘no, it’s not for me, something better will come along.’

What’s yours will find you, it always does!

That’s what I’m talking about!

We tend to hold onto things for far too long.

When the reality is we needed to let them go.

Here’s my suggested list of things to let go of in 2020:

toxic relationships.

obsessive use of social media.

negative self-talk.


feeling unworthy.

worry (as Dale Carnegie says ‘the most useless thing you can do!’).

body-shaming (your own, you can’t change anything you don’t love first!).

putting off happiness☺☺☺ (you truly need to let that shiz go!)



“Not everyone will have the heart you have.

Not everyone will appreciate you and what you do for them.

Sometimes, it won’t be easy having a kind heart in a cruel world.

Be prepared.” /

Tony Gaskins <3

We’ve all been there.

Just when we think it can’t get any worse?


Life throws you another major punch.

And that is precisely when you need to throw your hands in the air and say ‘not today my friend, not today!’

Actually, I just read something the other day on LinkedIn, made me think of this👇👇👇

This is what it said:

I love that last line.

And whenever I’m going through a ‘rough patch.’

I think of that line.

Bad times don’t last.


Tough people do!

I’ve run into both kinds.

I’m sure we all have!

I love proving them wrong.


I have been.

For quite some time now.

My wish for you!

Be the one who went for it!👈👈👈

When all hell starts breaking loose in your life.

And at some point, it will.

Remember this.

Many times this is a clearing for better things to come.

Although it may not feel it at the time.

It usually comes down to letting go.

And, as we all know.

We hate letting go.


The Universe has other plans.


If we don’t let things go.

She’ll step in.

And will do it for you.👈👈👈


That’s the way it goes!

Know your worth!

And what your world change.


Should I say.

How you view the world!

Just like Frank Sinatra said:

Never be scared of anybody or anything.

That’s what happens when you know your worth.

I hope you know yours!

Know your worth!

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That’s a wrap!

Talk soon,

Patricia <3 always

NineFrogs ~ People will stair. Make it worth their while!

Know your worth!



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