“I am ready!” (8.15.2020)

What if today, Patricia, was your day? The most amazing day of your life, so far? A day that would change everything for the better? What’s already good would become great. What’s already great would become amazing. And what’s already amazing would become the stuff of legends.

And all you had to do to take advantage of the good and wonderful things about to happen for you, was treat folks with a true and eager kindness, think mostly of those things that please you, and go out in the world, just a bit, where you could meet, and mingle, and fall in love?

How much would you be clucking right now?
Beam, gush, preen! You got it…   The Universe
/ I am ready!

Today’s your day, Patricia. / www.tut.com

“Stop asking people who have never been where you are going for directions.” – NineFrogs

Stop waiting for Friday!

Or Summer.

Or, to find you true love.

The PERFECT job!

The right time to start that business you’ve been wanting to start!

I can’t tell you how often I hear that one☝☝☝

Or that book you keep saying you’re going to write.

Find the perfect place to live.

Seriously, stop waiting for for anyone or anything!👈👈👈

Stop waiting for happiness (that’s a BIG one).

Love. (another BIG one).

Or money to come knocking on your door!

Whatever you want, is OUT THERE. 👉👉👉

Your job is to go OUT THERE and get it!

So stop wasting another second of your life waiting!





Time is tick tocking away!

I am always amazed when I talk to people and they keep telling me they are waiting on this, that or the other thing to do something?

Sure, I can understand if maybe it is not the IDEAL time to do something.

But, if you are using the same excuse(s) over and over. 

I’d say bullshiz.

Time is marching on and none of us are getting any younger.👈👈👈

So I say the time is NOW to take action!

Like, seriously, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️


Some of you are truly your worst enemy.

Stop giving yourself reasons WHY you can’t do something.

Quite honestly, you can do anything you put your mind AND energy too!

Look at me.

I started a YouTube Channel this year.

If I can start a YouTube Channel, then you my friends, can do anything!

And as if that wasn’t enough, just the other day I started on TikTok (The Frog’s Den) same name as my YouTube!

Now, if I can do both of those, and get over my fear of being uncomfortable, you can certainly do whatever it is you have been procrastinating over!

TIME is not on your side.

It’s clicking away!

Quite simply, you just have to get over the fear.

Like ripping a bandaid off.

Just do it!

I’ve told this story many times over.

The time is NOW.👈👈

When I started my business back in 2012, I had absolutely NO IDEA what I was doing.🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️


But did that stop me from doing it?

No, it did not👈👈👈

I might not have known a lot of things.

But one thing I knew for sure.

I knew I was going to be internationally successful!!!

Did I know HOW?

Absolutely not.👊👊👊

Was I going to let that stop me?

Absolutely not!

I just knew I had to start.

Dreams will remain dreams unless you take ACTION!

Like, you have to come up with a plan.

Write it down on paper (that’s how it becomes real).https://www.ninefrogs.com

Figure out the best steps you can take to start.

And then DO THEM.👈👈👈

If after a month or so and you’re not getting the results you want, come up with new steps.





That’s how you get stuff done.

It’s how you stop waiting for Friday!

TIME…marches on.

Your life is in your hands, so stop waiting for someone to give you instructions on what to do next!

I talk to so many people who tell me they want to start a business they can’t because…

“Well Patti, I don’t have any money to start my business now.”

“Patti, I have no idea how to use social media.”

“I wouldn’t even know where to start.”

And so on.

You can start an Instagram page for free.

Same with FaceBook.

Put up a profile on LinkedIn.

And then make a business page.

All free.

You don’t even need a website or a business card.

What you do need is time, energy and enthusiasm. 

And lot’s of it for that matter.👈👈👈

As far as I know, there are only a few things in this life you actually have to wait for. 

Nine months to have a baby comes to mind.

Stop letting your doubts hold you back.


“In life, what you really want, will never come easy.”

But it will be so worth it, I promise you!

NineFrogs Wisdom

You get the point.

Stop waiting, start doing!

How do you think BIG picture?

One day at a time!

That’s how!

I am ready👈👈👈

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That’s a wrap!

Talk soon,

Patricia <3 always

NineFrogs ~ People will stare. Make it worth their while!

Raise a few temperatures today!



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