“How can I get inspired?” (12.6.2020)

Blazing desire, Patricia Bokowski, even when it’s all you’ve got, is all you’ve ever needed.
But mind you, if your blazing desire has not effortlessly thrown you into action — preparing the way, taking baby steps, and doing all you can — then it’s just a smoldering desire, and you’re thinking other conflicting thoughts as well. 
Always hot for you,  The Universe
/ How can I get inspired?

Desire, Patricia Bokowski, can take you anywhere.


“Stop asking people who have never been where you are going for directions.” – NineFrogs

Action: the fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim.

Whatever the question?

You are the answer!

Whatever the problem?

You are the solution!

Whatever the goal?

You can attain!

I assure you.

Stop looking for anybody else to do it for you.👈👈👈

It is.

And always has been. NineFrogs “Quote of the Day”!


You are the answer.


Whatever you do.

Do not quit.

We all know life can be a struggle sometimes.

And the easiest thing in the world to do would be to quit.

Like, totally give up.

Only don’t.

There is always a way.

I know you may not think that.

But it’s true.

There is always a solution.


How can I get inspired?

“You glow, we beam.” – Mike Dooley

I think we never give ourselves enough credit for all we do.

Whether to others.

Or ourselves.

Sometimes I think you need to take a moment.


Reflect on all you do.

And give yourself a high-five for all you do!

How can I get inspired?

“What you give will come back.” – Mike Dooley

Sometimes it’s just easier not to argue.

Just give in.

Of course.

Not all the time.


Everyone once in a while to keep the peace.

How can I get inspired?

“No two flowers are the same, yet all are beautiful in their own way.” – Mike Dooley


There’s that saying.

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Comparing yourself to anyone else is a complete waste of time.

Nobody is as fabulous as YOU.

So why worry about comparing yourself to anyone else!

How can I get inspired?

“You needn’t worry.” – Mike Dooley

It’s like that saying goes: “You never know who you are inspiring.”

And it’s usually the people you wouldn’t suspect.


Try and be a beacon everyday.

The people around you need YOU!👈👈👈

How can I get inspired?

“You were born with that ‘it’ quality.” – Mike Dooley

Feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t see how amazing you are!


It’s their loss if they can’t see the magnificence of you.

We are each made so amazingly.

There’s a reason for that.

So that you can grow into the person you were really meant to be.

So when you wake up tomorrow.

Remind yourself how absolutely FABULOUS you ARE!

How can I get inspired?

I “heart” you. – Mike Dooley

The world would certainly be a whole lot nicer.

People would smile more.

And God knows we need more of that.

People smiling.

Being happy.


Drawing hearts everywhere for the whole world to see <3

How can I get inspired?

‘You’ll find what you seek.’ – Mike Dooley

This one goes out to all the people I talk to.

Who say they are tired of the whole dating scene.

And have given up!


Dating in 2020 is no picnic.

Add in a pandemic.

Really not easy.


Like anything else in life.

If it’s really important to you.

And it’s something you really want.

You’ll figure it out.

And not give up.

Like I say:

Just do it!

I actually went on a date a couple of weeks ago with someone new.

And it actually went really well.


You never know!

Just don’t give up on it👈👈👈

Inspire me.

‘Your treasure is at hand.” – Mike Dooley

That’s something I always tell my kids.


Once again.

Comparing yourself to anyone else is a complete waste of time.

And here’s something to think about.

What if.

Someone is looking at you everyday wishing they could be like you?

Wrap your head around that👈👈👈

Inspire me.

‘You’re being watched by loving eyes.” – Mike Dooley

What if?

There are those people who’s very existence makes others smile.

Makes others happier.

Has the capability to make other’s feel good about themselves.

Is a magnet of joy.


Be that person to those around you.


Quite honestly.

I can’t be everywhere!👈👈👈

Inspire me.

That’s the thing about life.



You have to fight to get what you want.

And some days.

You have to fight even harder!

Even when you would rather quit.

Because you’re tired.


And feeling defeated.

So, we fight the good fight. 

No matter if it’s business or personal.

We don’t give up! NineFrogs Daily:

Until WE WIN!

Inspire me👈👈👈

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That’s a wrap!

Talk soon,

Patricia <3 always

NineFrogs ~ People will stare. Make it worth their while!

“How can I get inspired?”



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