“How can I get amazing Self-Confidence!” (12.5.17)

Go with it. Roll, Patricia Bokowski. Swerve. 
The “unexpected” is just my way of preparing you for more than you knew to ask for. 
Bounce back, serpentine, 2-step – 
   The Universe / How can I get amazing self-confidence!

Want to get amazing confidence?

Push yourself further than you ever have!

Do things you’ve never done.

Hang out with people you normally hang out with.

Go to places you normally don’t go.

Start thinking new thoughts.

Start reading books again, the old fashion kind.

Get a new mindset.

Start taking better care of yourself.

Both inside and out!


Doing the things you love.

And doing them with total conviction!

Let your passion flow out of you.

Let it destroy your current state of affairs.

Your passion was put inside you for a reason.

Don’t let it die.

You are the fire, now remember what you must do!

Don’t be a prisoner like so many.

A prisoner of their day-to-day lives.

Missing so much.

Not embracing their inner selves.

Not expressing themselves.

Not doing the things they really want to be doing.

With the people they really want to be doing it with!

Stop saying “no” to opportunities because it looks like work.

Or, it looks scary.

Too many people these days want the easy way out.

Yet they want different results.

As we all know, the easy way out is not going to do much for your future.

Be adventurous and start looking for new opportunities.

Better yet.

Start making your own opportunities.

You just have to put yourself out there.

Out there, in the uncomfortable zone called life!

That’s right.

The Universe is always conspiring on your behalf.

She wants you to succeed.

But she wants to see how bad you want it.

So, you have to do your part.

She’s not going to do it all for you.

So much for sitting on your couch with your vision board, waiting for Oprah to come knocking on your door.

No, you actually have to get out there.


Knocking on doors.






Mindset is the thing that separates us all.

Is your mindset set on being positive?

And making your dreams come true?

Or, is your mindset in the gutter?

You want to have amazing confidence?

Then make sure your mindset is set to success!

Think Big Than Bigger.

That’s how people with amazing self-confidence think.

And they don’t get distracted.

They don’t spend their days thinking about people.

No, they spend their days thinking about ideas and how to bring them into fruition.

Because, once you have that amazing self-confidence.

You aren’t going to care what anyone else is doing.

You will be too busy working on making your dreams come true!

This is a big one for me personally.

I can always tell when I am around with people who think like me (and vise versa).

It’s a click.

Kind of like, ah, these are my people.

You’ll see.

Now go forth and work on your amazing confidence, you’ll be amazed at the results.


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