“For my Mom!” (7.28.2021)

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Patricia D. Bokowski – CEO – NineFrogs

I don’t think you can ever fully appreciate your mom.

Until she is no longer here.

I lost my mom four years ago.


I still go to call her when something happens.

Both good and bad.

So today.

I’m sharing this beautiful poem I found.

I believe most moms don’t get to hear enough how much they are loved and cherished!

So, I’m doing it for all the people who haven’t told you.

How much you are loved and appreciated!

There are Angels God put on this earth,

Who care for us and guide us,

You can feel their love and gentleness,

as they walk through life beside us.

They do great things for us every day,

they whisper in our ears,

they even hold us in their hearts,

when we are filled with all our fears.

They are always there to give a hug,

and try to make us smile.

They treat us with respect and love,

they treat us like their child.

God blessed me with an Angel,

I’m proud to call my own.

She’s been with me throughout my life,

been with me as I’ve grown.

She’s guided me the best she can,

she taught me like no other,

and I’m thankful I’m the lucky one,

who get’s to call her Mother…

– Author Unknown

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That’s a wrap!

Talk soon,

Patricia <3 always

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“For my mom!”