Cavi Spa!

A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Kathy Tsapelis, a charming and delightful woman, and owner of Cavi Spa in Garden City, New York.  On my first visit to Cavi Spa, Kathy and I got to talking (as businesswomen, we connected immediately).  Kathy told me how she opened her Garden City Spa over eight years ago.  When I asked her what her motivation was to open a spa, her answer was quick and honest:  “I love the good feeling I bring to people when they look good and have healthy skin.”

The spa in Garden City is located right in the heart of the village, with plenty of parking and is easily accessible.  When you walk in, the atmosphere is very charming and beautifully decorated.  The spa is extremely clean and has all up-to-date machinery.  On my first visit, I was given a skin analysis so they could see what treatments my skin needed.  Kathy joined the esthetician as she reviewed my skin analysis in order to provide me with the best treatments for the best results.

My esthetician in Garden City was Eleni, and she was amazing.  She did several different treatments over a few visits, and all of them were wonderful.  My skin felt fabulous and I could see a significant change in my skin.  Eleni was extremely professional, courteous and was obviously, very knowledgeable about the various skin treatments.

Kathy also has another spa location in Hungtington, New York.  That office opened in November of last year and is run by Kathy’s daughter Lucia.  I had the pleasure of getting a treatment with Lucia the other day.  Kathy had told me Lucia had magic hands, and she wasn’t kidding.  I got an infra-red treatment, a facial and a magnificent face massage.  I felt like a different woman by the time I left.

Me, the next day, skin glowing!

I actually was referred to Kathy.  I was asking around if anyone knew of a great spa, because I didn’t just want to pick a random spa.  And Kathy wasn’t just recommended, she was highly recommended!  I can’t say enough about Kathy, her staff and her two locations.  You can follow Kathy and Cavi Spa on their Instagram account at CaviSpa.

Till next time,

Patti <3

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