“Can you feel it?” (3.5.19)

Today, dear Patricia Bokowski, I thought I’d tell you how powerful you are, but would you believe… I couldn’t find the words?
They do not exist.
Can you feel it?   The Universe
/ “Can you feel it?


Patricia D. Bokowski – CEO & Founder – NineFrogs

“Stop asking people who have never been where you are going for directions.” – NineFrogs

When you’re looking for the right words.

There’s Word Porn!

Ever since I started blogging.

Words have taken on.

A whole new level of meaning to me!


The words I find on Word Porn.

Sometimes silly.

Often funny.

Stories of love, <3

And broken hearts ;-(

It’s amazing.

The power of healing.

From words.

Golden nuggets of goodness.

Is what I like to call them!

I know I will always find something.

That touches my soul.

No matter the subject.

I can always find something.

That says what I’m feeling.

So today.

I am sharing.

Some of my favorite.

Word Porn quotes.

Which was very difficult for me.

As I love so many of them <3

Me these days.

I’m so over chasing people.

You like me.


You want to leave.


You want to be in my life.

Make an effort.

And I will too.

If you don’t.

I’ll move on.


I’ll be quick about it.

I’m totally done.

Feeling bad for feeling like that.

You don’t appreciate me?

Whether a friend or a lover?

I’m done!

Hard truth!

How many of you.

Have had to cut someone out of your life?

Simply because.

That person wasn’t upholding their part in your life?

Sad but true.

But you know what they say?

You’re not growing.

If you’re not losing friends.


I have lost quite a few.

Over these last few years or so.

I feel like their time expired.

You know what they say?

“Circle gets smaller.

Focus gets bigger.”

Truer words.

Were never spoken.

It’s shocking quite honestly.

What we over-look.

In the name of love <3

When I look back.

On so many of my relationships.

The red flags were screaming!

I just simply chose to ignore them.

And then I wonder.

Why things didn’t work out?

Jokes on me.

Older and wiser now.


The minute I see a red flag.

I am out!


Happens all the time.

We think we’re not going to be able.

To survive

And then.

Low and behold.

We made it.

We didn’t run for the hills.

Like we planned.

The point is.

We are all a WHOLE lot stronger.

Than we give ourselves credit for!

If I told you how many crisis.

I have been through over the years.

Situations, that I thought would kill me.

That I didn’t know how.

I would survive through it.

And yet.

Here I am.

And not just here.



Growing my business.

Living life.

But, most of all.

I am HAPPY👈👈👈

That’s the truth!

The people who really want to be in your life.

Will make every effort to be there.

And if they don’t.

They aren’t your people.

I’m to the point. NineFrogs Daily QUOTE OF THE DAY:

That I don’t even feel bad.

If someone doesn’t make a genuine effort.

To part of my life.

I’m too busy with my own life.

So, my feelings are.

If you want to be part of it?


If not.

Don’t stand in the doorway.

You’re blocking my view.

That’s my philosophy these days!

I don’t have time for anyone.

Who is looking to waste my precious time.

It’s unfortunate.

It took getting my heart broken.

More times than I can count.

To feel this way


As Oprah says:

‘when you know better, you do better.’

I hope you do that same.👈👈👈

Nobody has the right.

To waste your time.


Hurt your feelings.

They are either in.


They are out!👈👈👈

That’s what happens.

When you go through one of those big “life storms”.

You come through it a different person.

Grateful for the lessons.


The next time you catch yourself.

In a tough situation.


You will survive it.


Most likely.

Come out a different person.

A stronger version

Of when you started.

That’s the purpose of the storm.

It’s not a punishment.

It’s a reward!

Lady Gaga got that right!

Your career will never cheat on you.

Never leave you for another career.

Never lie to you.

Never make you feel more alone than when you are alone.


Your career will never do that to you.

Your career will do exactly the opposite.

Your career will make you feel amazing.

Your career will empower you.

Your career will take you places you never thought possible.

Your career will take care of you your entire life.


That’s what your career will do for you!

Go for your career.

You can always find love <3

Sounds simple enough.


Most people don’t do it!

Decide what kind of life you want.

And then so no to anything that isn’t it!

I’ve started doing this lately.

Pissing off some people.

But making me a lot happier.

That’s what happens.

When you start designing the life of your dreams.

How true is that one!

People block their own success.




All in the name of ‘I’m not ready’.

Trust me.

You are ready!👈👈👈

There is NEVER a good time for anything.

So make today the time!

As I say so often in my posts and blogs.

Just do it!

That’s what happens.

When you love what you do!

It just kind of beams out of you.

As Gary Vee says, ‘when you are in your flow.’

I just saw that yesterday.

But it’s true.

When you are doing what you love.

Whether I am writing a blog.

Or post on social media.

Or making a TikTok or YouTube video.

I am in my flow.

And trust me.

People around you notice.

You feel it.

They feel it.

That’s why they say.

When you do what you love, it’s not work.

To me.

It’s like my life’s mission.

I hope you are doing the same.

And if not.

I hope you change that.

Can you feel it? 👈👈👈

Have you heard?

I wrote a book!

Titled: “How One Landscaping Bill Changed Everything!”

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Patricia D. Bokowski – CEO & Founder – NineFrogs

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That’s a wrap!

Talk soon,

Patricia <3 always

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“Can you feel it?”


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