“Are you on?” (5.3.2020)

Okay, Patricia Bokowski, here’s the skinny. The answer to your question. The way, the light, the door. The most overlooked truth in reality. And the one that requires the most “uncommon sense” to fully grasp:
When it comes to effecting change (big or little, but especially big), manifesting the life of your dreams, or getting that perfect parking space, “thinking” is immeasurably more valuable when used to imagine what you want — the end result — than to figure out how you’re going to get it.
Which is why most people have to schlep through big parking lots. 
Tallyho,   The Universe
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“Stop asking people who have never been where you are going for directions.” – NineFrogs

Are you on?

As in.

Are you on your path?

You know?

That thing.

That thing that’s going to get you.

To the next level!

To get you going in the direction.

Of you dreams.

Of your hearts desires.


If you aren’t.

You should be.

And, I should add.

Everyone should be on their path.

That’s what this life is all about!

Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor👈👈👈

Notice, already ON the dance floor!

Not, getting ready.

Or, working on it.


Someday when I finish it?

No, today.

Check. Check. Check.✔✔✔

That’s why they say:

“Opportunity dances with those who are already on the dance floor.”


You have to be ON the actual dance floor.


To put it another way.

As the lottery people love to say:

“You have to be in it to win it”.

Either way, you get the idea!

You need to be “in the game”.

In order to be winning!.

Sitting on the sidelines wishing.

Hoping and praying.

That your dreams will come true is a complete waste of time! 


Get out and start hustling.

That’s where the magic starts happening!

It’s a leap of faith for sure.

And, it’s not for everyone!

But, for most of us, you need to be IN THE GAME;

Getting slammed.



And sidelined.

Pretty much on a daily basis.

In order to reach success!👈👈👈


Remember, success can’t reach you if you aren’t in the game to win!

Now, I am no sports enthusiast!

By any stretch of the imagination!

But I do know enough about professional players.

To know.

That in order for them to gain the success.

That they have achieved.

They had to have practiced till they bled.

And then some.

And yet, they kept getting back up and doing it over again.

That’s what it’s like on the dancefloor.

You get knocked down.

You get back up.

“Fall down seven times, stand up either.” – Ancient Chinese Proverb


It’s not easy to stay in the game.

That’s why so many quit!

Only, you owe it to yourself to stay in the game.👈👈👈

Otherwise, you will NEVER know what you are made of.

True fact.

We are ALL born with so much potential.

And yet so many of us die using only a tiny percentage of it!

Too many, the minute it starts to get hard, they bail.

And I can tell you right now, it is HARD.

It’s really freaking hard.

But, nothing great ever came from easy .

It is the hard that makes it worthwhile.

So, even if you feel like you are losing today.

Stick with it.

Because eventually you will start to win.

Even if they are just little wins.

In other words, little wins eventually become big wins.

You just have to have the resilience to stick with it!

Now, if that doesn’t inspire you!

Nobody wants to be average.


Certainly, no one wants to live a mediocre life.


If you don’t start making some major changes.


That includes your mindset.

Things will never change.

And no one has time for that!

Are you on?


One of my goals in life and business.

Which these days, is the same.


It’s like LinkedIn.

I work at both of them everyday damn day!

Here is my follow-up story:

I recently wrote about how my account used to have 10 million monthly viewers.

Only to go down to 2.1 million monthly viewers.

Due to Pinterest blocking me (that’s a whole other story).

I am now back to 10 million monthly viewers.

Ask me how I did it?

It’s a daily process:

Wash + Rinse = Repeat 👈👈👈

So basically I went from 10 million monthly viewers.

To about 2.1 million monthly viewers.

Over a year’s period!

I can’t tell you how bad that hurt!

All my hard work down the drain.

I could have said, I’m done.

And moved onto something else.

But, that’s not how I work.

And, I should add.

Pinterest is an important part of my business.👈👈👈

A MAJOR cog in the wheel kind of thing!


I buckled up.

And figured out what I needed to do.

To not only get my numbers back up.

But, to do so even better than I did it the first time.

Is it taking a lot of my time and energy?


Is it worth it? NineFrogs Daily QUOTE OF THE DAY:

You better believe it👈👈👈

The moral of the story, don’t give up!


Never give up on something.

You can’t go a day.

Without thinking about it.

Life is too short.

And, you are too special!

One day, I’m going to write a book.

Of course.

That’s after I’m done writing my first book.

And, I already have an idea for my second book.

So, I guess that would be my third book.

On, how I started my NineFrogs business.

And, all the struggles I have encountered.

Over the years.

Another best seller!

That’s it!

Work at it daily.

Whatever it is that is call you!

I can’t tell you when success will find you?

But, I can tell you when it won’t!

You, sitting on your couch.

Not getting on the dance floor.

Because, you don’t think you’re good enough!

I can pretty much guarantee you a success rate of failure at 100%

And ain’t nobody got time for that. 😐😐😐


Should you find yourself.

Doubting your worth?


Is it all worth it?

Know this.

It absolutely is.

And you are.

As I’ve said many, many times.


Yes, I know I said it earlier, but it bares repeating.


Are you on?

Lastly, make sure you follow NineFrogs on TikTok & YouTube – The Frog’s Den – New videos coming real soon!

That’s a wrap!

Talk soon,

Patricia <3 always

NineFrogs ~ People will stare. Make it worth their while!

“Are you on?”



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